• The company opened in 2003. Using the situation on the market of the transport in the short time considerably increased means of transporting of vehicles of around a few cars to a dozen or so. Providing its customers with the high standard of services and the reliability, in the sequence of 4 last years the company recruited new contracting parties about an established position on the local market and domestic. Every year gradually and successively she has increased the quantity of vehicles.In 2004 she opened the workshop of load-carrying vehicles, considerably lowering costs of their exploitation. In 2006 the company commenced the gradual exchange of means of transporting to new.

    For the entire period of activity the company operated in full satisfying needs of customers. Our action is adapted and concentrated on performing specific services and entrusted contractual tasks. We are adapting means of transporting and the staff to needs of customers. Purchases of vehicles are held in consultation with contracting parties, with a view to meeting expectations of customers, in addition we are returning the great attention to the versatility of the vehicle so that he can perform also other tasks. In 2006 we implemented the new transport system of products at our chief contracting party, thanks to our solution and our base transport costs were reduced about 18 %, with the mutual benefit.

    • Transport, the distribution of goods for the purposes of the large producer from the construction industry. International transport.
    • Supplying big factories with main raw materials. Mass transport in the constant mode (systematic).
    • Transportation of goods to the order of shipping companies. International transport on the territory of the European Union.
    • Workshop of load-carrying vehicles, for own needs and services of the reparation for current inspections of vehicles.
  • In relation to the dynamic business progress we changed the registered office, we are stationed in Suwałki at Sportowa 44 street. Here a business management is, office (bookkeeping, staffs, department of the transport) and workshop with the technical back. The company also has the square hardened about the great area. Enclosed, supervised whole.

  • At present we are working above the development of cooperation with the largest shipping companies in Europe as well as we are trying for acquiring new contracting parties from the production industry. Carefully we are building the right corporate image in order to expand the cooperation with strategic customers about an established position on the market.In the near future we are planning modernizations and gradual increasing the number of vehicles. After increasing means of transporting, when it starts bringing about in specific and stable profits, we would like to purchase the greater immobility than at present filled. It will let us widening and the more further development of the activities.


ul. Pułaskiego 72 lok. 3

16-400 Suwałki

tel./fax: 87 563 02 94

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